The White Temple, Chang Rai, Thailand.
Ah, the nest. I signed up to see some tip about table settings or something while planning my wedding a few years back, and now, every few weeks I get a totally off- base list of things that are killing my relationship, low fat recipes and design tips for houses I could never afford. 

Normally, I ignore them. I was bored enough at a work meeting today that I opened it. I scrolled through the usual semi-insulting articles and then clicked on one entitled "10 Things Everyone Should Have by 30." Having just turned 29, I was curious. What important items do I have less than one year to acquire?!

Here's how I stack up:
1. A Piece of Art: It goes on to clarify that this does not mean a poster or print of something like Starry Night. This one, I've got covered. I think. While I still cannot afford an original piece of art, a canvas that an artist's brush actually touched, I do have prints of unique pieces from several artists. I have a gorgeous lotus print from the artist that designed the White Temple, an unbelievably intricate piece of art itself, in Thailand (I admired them the first year I went there and second year I returned to the temple specifically to buy a piece). There's art I've created, and many other prints I have bought at fairs, etc. Someday I would like "real" piece of art, but that is not going to be in the budget any time soon.

2. Furniture that doesn't come in a box: Uh-oh. I'm losing my grasp on this "adult" business already... Not all of my furniture came from Ikea, most of it came from the Goodwill. Or from my husband's childhood home. Or are hand me down's from various acquaintances and co-workers. I still have yet to own a bed frame. My various mattresses have graced my bedroom floor since I left my parent's house 11 years ago. We have talked about getting a bed frame for years, maybe we can set a goal to own one by next April..
Two of my multiple bookshelves.
3. Emergency 12 month Savings Fund: Ha. Ha. Ha. 

4. Set of Tools: Check., A whole utility shed full of them. They are my husband's, but I do know how to use most of them. Counts. 

5. A Tailor: When you are five feet tall and have a job that requires "big girl professional clothes," you have a tailor. This line, however, made me laugh: "a  perfect, crisp fit can make a $100 bargain look like Armani."  GIrl, I make $4 Goodwill pants look Good...

6. Home Library- Big. Fat. Check. 

7. Business Cards- Soon. Very soon. I have designed a couple, unfortunately, I already broke their cardinal rule to "avoid the Alta-Vista cheapies." Crap. 

8. A Financial Plan: Keep Working. Husband keeps working. Grow more food. Check. (Okay, in reality, we should do this. But when you don't even have a real savings account and you are intending to quit your "career" and take a part time job, well, I don't want to face the shame of meeting a real financial advisor.)

9. Lifelong friends: Check, thank God, check. 

10. Material self-confidence: "Not to be defined by your belongings." Wait... what was this whole list about then?? Oh well, check. :)
Ok, so seriously, the only one of these "Things" that matters a lick to me is #9. I have so many other things at the ripe old age of 29 that I am super, uber, wonderfully grateful for. I have a husband who adores me and takes such good care of me. I have two rescued dogs, who both survived parvo soon after they joined our family-- and, super bonus, the vet credit card bill was just paid off by our tax return! Two cute kitties. A cozy house that fit our exact needs "A small house with a big backyard." Health, happiness, creativity, yoga, sun... Even if I only have a few of the "Essentials," I think I'm doing okay. 

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