Today I turn 29. One year before 30, that's what 29 is. It doesn't really get its own celebration because I am already looking forward, beginning to feel a sense of urgency to do all of these things while I still can, while I'm still  young enough to get away with it, or at least forgiven for it. And beating  myself up over all that I have not accomplished, comparing myself to the person I thought I would be at 30 and am not. It could be a rough year.

So I've decided to set some birthday intentions, in this year before 30.

  • I will finish the 3rd and 4th garden plots. What happens after the plots are dug and seeds sowed I cannot predict, so all I will commit to is digging them.

  • Launch my business officially. Again, can't predict the outcome of this either, all I know is I have to try.

  • Commit to a daily yoga practice.

  • Find some consistency in my eating habits and feed my body what it wants, not what my emotions tell me. Eat more home cooked meals and less spur of the moment junk food.

  • Find some peace in my professional life, and feel that my work aligns with my passions and goals.

This year I will need discipline, commitment and perseverance to make these things a reality. But I will also need to learn to trust myself and my intuition, especially when it comes to my work life. Of course, I believe that this is the hardest area to trust my intuition in, because bills and bank accounts are so concrete and real, and our intuition, while real, often fades away into the background.

I have a gut feeling that this year is going to be big. Real big. Permanently life changing big. By the time I hit 30, I suspect I will be a very different woman.

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